Technical Lead for the Benelux/NRW Living Laboratory for MaaS



Benelux Secretariat General
Benelux/NRW Living Laboratory for MaaS
Technical Lead
Q4 2021-Q1 2022


1.                ORGANIZATION

Directors Committee Benelux/NRW Mobility
                    Secretariat General
Benelux/NRW Working Group MaaS
Benelux/NRW Sub Working Group MaaS
Project Benelux/NRW Living Laboratory MaaS


2.                PROJECT OUTLINE

To establish a fully integrated set-up with several regions and a supporting communal solution the Living Laboratory will develop interoperable tools supporting several individual regional use cases. As mentioned, the agile approach is divided into three phases which will constitute decision moments based on in-depth research and insights.

  • 1: discover, define, design
  • 2: develop and integrate
  • 3: roll-out and first iterations

In this stage we focus on the first of the three phases. After a thorough inventory on the current status we will discover the desired outcome of the individual regional use cases in co-creation with local citizens and ecosystem players (‘stakeholders’, such as governments (incl. national access points), transport operators, mobility providers). Secondly, we will define a minimal valuable product and the due changes going from the current to this desired state (an ‘ist-soll’ analysis). Thirdly an interoperable communal interface will be at the technical centre of the Laboratory. This is meant to help the ecosystem as a whole. In order to integrate we need to make the designs as open and understandable as possible. Not merely technical but easy to perceive on the end of operators, mobility providers and that of policy makers.  Getting ‘in the know’ is essential. This will help the development needed across the board, from the people having to make decisions to cooperate trough to the individuals connecting exiting systems to a common MaaS solution

Throughout this process we will not only focus on the technical aspects but will deep dive into finding the common grounds for setting up regional and communal steppingstones for the regulatory aspects. This will be a bottom up process based on equality, reciprocity and fairness.

The common solution should prove to be coexistent, open and interoperable with solutions already in place, supporting various:

  • sorts and types of mobility
  • account and ID based travel
  • means of identification (e.g. barcode, mobile, smartcard)
  • business propositions: pre- or post-paid, pay-as-you-go, subscription

The Key outcome is a common and comfortable understanding of all stakeholders in as well the technical as the regulatory aspects: Whereas the regulatory ones will come more easily to the policy makers (government officials) and the technical ones to the IT/Data specialists. It is paramount to understand that each of them could be less comfortable in the others domain. And it is safe to assume that the decision makers at the transport operators’ end are not on the same level of understanding with regards to either.


3.                RESPONSIBILITIES

The Technical Lead is responsible for supporting all stakeholders of the Living Laboratory in their quest to be knowledgeable and to be comfortable at that. Secondly the responsibilities extend to the definition and design (principles) of the technical developments of the Living Laboratory’s services; user friendly access to those services for each of the stakeholders and co-designing the roadmaps for individual IT implementations of Mobility Providers and Transport Operators.

The Technical lead defines/designs with the business stakeholders the priorities and use cases for the Living Laboratory regions as described in the Project Plan:

  • Define the API services and interoperability services to be developed e.g. data sharing services, ID management, access both Transport Operator, Mobility Provider and (local) Authority and other relevant MaaS services. 
  • Map the possible software standards (MaaS Alliance, OASC, TOMP API, OSLO, Netex) that are available.
  • Set up an inventory of the functionalities needed and thus the work which has to be done to complete (stages of) it. These will be based upon the user stories to be developed with the local policy makers and market players, such as MaaS Providers, Transport Operators and Transaction Processors
  • Define the possible technical roadmap for development of the common services, for the integration with stakeholders and for interfacing with other relevant MaaS software players to map the services that can be use in the Living Lab.


4.                MAIN TASKS

  • Creation and maintenance of the product backlog of the digital platforms in collaboration with Strategic Alignment.
  • Co-creation of explanatory tools to support the understanding of the tools by the stakeholders.
  • Supports the Benelux/NRW Working Group, sub Working Group and Living Laboratory Project Team to understand by updating, demonstrating and briefing on how we look to collaborate and work on interoperability.
  • Prioritize the backlog, based upon workshops with stakeholders, according to functional and non-functional aspects in cooperation with the Benelux/NRW working group and the Project Manager.
  • Assists technical and non-technical teams at stakeholders and the Benelux WG with developing user stories. The technical lead will draw up in co creation the Epics (the whole of ‘stories’ in the solution; e.g. functionalities) and the Themes (focus areas, e.g. planning, booking, access, pay) so that the scrum team and all involved understand what needs to be developed
  • He/she is the owner of the user story mapping.
  • He/she focuses on functionality.


5.            REQUIREMENTS

University/Higher Professional Education
3-8 years              Technical Product Owner and/or Senior Developer (open source)
3+ years               Designing (open source based) solutions
5+ years               Co creating with stakeholders in any form
3+ years               Experience working in sensitive multi stakeholders settings
3+ years               Preferably: Experience in Mobility


6.            ATTITUDE

Open, transparent, honest; Respectful; Patient; Creative; Empathic; Passion for profession; Open to change; Open Data oriented; Team player; Driven; Pragmatic; Eye for detail.


7.            YOUR PROPOSAL

We ask that the following elements be included in the proposal:

1.            Vision (max. 2 A4) of the market, completed by a concrete action plan including steps and deadlines.

2.            Fixed price (excluding VAT) in euros for the entire contract, including travel expenses or other costs related to the contract.

Indicative budget for this contract: max. € 22.632,-  is foreseen (which includes € 2.132,- for miscellaneous/travel)

3.            Experience in similar assignments:

  • Proven experience and expertise (with references). Experience in an international and cross-border context is an asset.
  • Add CV(s).






- Vision and action plan
- Timing
- Expertise



Experience working on cross-border projects



9.            SCHEDULE

The start date of the contract shall be stated in the notice of award for the contract. It will be concluded for a period of maximum 6 months.



Benelux is consulting several firms. The College of Secretaries general reserves the right to withdraw from the contract at any time and to organise a new request for quotations.

Tenders should be addressed to Mr J. Molema, Director Internal Market, by e-mail ( by 15/10/2021 17:00 at the latest.

Period of performance of the contract: The start date of the contract shall be stated in the notice of award for the contract. It will be concluded for a period of maximum 6 months.

Language of your proposal: English

Period of validity of your Proposal: 3 months from the end date for submission of proposals.

If you have a criminal conviction affecting your professional integrity, are bankrupt, have tax or social security debts, or are not technically competent, your proposal will be excluded.

The Benelux will evaluate the proposals received in light of the above evaluation criteria. Proposals that do not meet or do not sufficiently meet the conditions or objectives, may be excluded. The Benelux may invite one or more firms to discussions, but is not obliged to do so. The Benelux may also request tailored proposals from one or more firms.



The contractual provisions proposed by the Benelux Union under this contract are attached as an annex.


12.          ANNEXES:

- Project description (20-VE-DIR(NO-002)EN)
- Contractual Provisions (21-VE-MaaS(NO-002)EN technical lead contractual provisions)
- 21-VE-MaaS(NO-002)EN technical lead


13.          CONTACT:

Additional information on the content aspects of the tender is available only on request by e-mail to the Directorate for Internal Market and Economy: Jan Molema, Director (Secretariat:

Additional information on the procedure for the contract of the tender is available only on request by email to 


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